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Battle between SM Rookies: Crystal or White Angels??

Posted on: May 30, 2009

It was announced that SM will release 3 different polls to determine any changes ang circumstances in the group’s debut. The 1st part was about the leader, the second part-maknae and now, the final part… The group.

There was a previous poll released ang Crystal Girls won. Unexpextedly, for the leadership, Krystal Jung won. Everything must be finalized through tthe 3. Please vote as much as you can. you can dpuble vote..or vota many times..users or voters multiple votes are not blocked…


3 Responses to "Battle between SM Rookies: Crystal or White Angels??"

i rather SM just leave it at 1 girl group and produce more boybands…
snsd is enough..seriously…

i think SM is just trying to choose members to form the the final line up of CRYSTAL… crystal and white angels are just a test on who will be pick… i would diffently think krystal jung will be part of CRYSTAL!!!

Yeah, I agree with you!!
Enough with SNSD…. no more girlband again!!

Is this polling officially came from SM Ent?

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